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Grooming Glove and C7 Detergent Combo

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Lambskin on one side and a depth of pile of approx. 30mm. The top side is made of our hard-wearing saddle pad fabric. Treat your horse to a beautifully shiny coat with our cleaning and grooming gloves. The article is machine washable with a special lambskin detergent and you can use a tumble dryer. Machine washable as all our Christ sheepskin products. Assorted Colors.

Christ C7 Sheepskin Detergent, an environmentally friendly detergent is specially formulated for use on all sheepskin/lambskin products. It extends the life of your product by preventing the natural oils being stripped from the hide, as a regular detergent will. It can also be used for wool and silk products, where it preserves the softness of the delicate fibers and protects their colors. C7 Detergent is environmentally friendly with a neutral PH. It contains bio-degradable anionic surfactants but no phosphates or alkalis. A 250ml bottle gives approx. 9-11 washes. Set your washing machine to the wool cycle at 30°C. To dry lie the Horsedream products lambskin article out with the wool side facing upwards. Avoid direct sunshine and direct heat sources. Pull the skin back into shape a number of times during the drying process to retain its shape.