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Your saddle pad should be more than fitted material wedged between your horse and your saddle. It should act as a world-class shock absorber. With each step, your weight impacts the sensitive wither and spine area of your horse’s back. HorseDream’s innovative and luxurious saddle pads provide a superior level of cushioning and support compared to other brands. They also reduce stress rubs while helping maintain more even skin temperatures under pressure.

We offer saddle pads for every discipline. Our jumping saddle pads offer extra padding over the back to help reduce the impact and strains of hunter jumper trials. Our dressage pads are adapted for a close fit, helping to allow for harmony between the horse and rider, while our eventing/general purpose pads offer everyday comfort. 
Each saddle pad is crafted to cradle your horse in luxurious comfort.

Our saddle pads remain securely in place, molding to the unique shape of each horse’s back. Cutting edge, modern design means a uniquely close fit for your horse’s withers.

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