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Western Saddle Pads

Lined with exquisite lambskin for the ultimate in comfort, HorseDream Western Saddle Pads are manufactured in two depths of pile for an unrivaled feeling. The adaptive design fits securely underneath the saddle, molding to the shape of your horse. You’ll be amazed by how it fits over the withers and spine, preventing chafing and rubbing. It will also help your horse maintain consistent skin temperatures during times of duress.

Western Saddle Pads come with insert pockets that allow for additional foam inserts, for increased padding and relief from rider movement and saddle pressure. All HorseDream saddle pads are easy to wash and/or fluff dry, keeping your horse free from excessive sweat and horse hair build-up.

If your love your horse, you’ll really love your Horsedream Western Saddle Pad.

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We bought a bareback pad at Equine Affair in Ohio and LOVE IT!! I think our Clydesdale Trinity does too. Thank you!