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Saddle Seat Covers

Spending hours in the saddle can take its toll, particularly if you are in training or participating in long distance riding events. Your saddle can, on occasion, become uncomfortable and cause rubbing, the last thing you need when you hope to remain riding. HorseDream has the answer: Saddle Seat Covers. Made from 100% Lambskin for the ultimate in cozy comfort, our saddle pads reduce rubbing and pressure, enhancing your riding experience. Designed to fit securely over the cantle while remaining secure, our HorseDream Saddle Seat Covers, available in Australian, English and Western styles, suit virtually every saddle and rider.

Treat yourself to a more comfortable ride with a HorseDream Saddle Seat Cover.

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The Christ Bareback pad is absolutely amazing! And their customers service is unparalleled! From the free sheepskin wash sample, to the fact that they exchanged my Large pad for a size Small [...] after purchase! THANK YOU