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Endurance Pads

The tolls of endurance riding are felt by both horse and rider. Hour upon hour in the saddle, over challenging terrain, can put pressure on the horse’s delicate skin, especially over the withers and spine. Our Endurance Pads have been designed with the needs of the long distance horse in mind: the need for comfort, superior fit and an adaptable fabric that molds around the horse’s contours. Our pads are designed and engineered by industry specialists with first-hand experience of the demands of endurance riding. Anatomically designed to provide relief over the spine, each endurance pad is shaped with pockets either side of the horse’s backbone, allowing for additional padding and a truly custom fit. Recommended by Saddle Fitters and Endurance Riders, our Endurance Pads are renowned for providing exceptional comfort and support.

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We bought a bareback pad at Equine Affair in Ohio and LOVE IT!! I think our Clydesdale Trinity does too. Thank you!